The Upper Glenrosa Committe

The Glenrosa Residents Association with guidance from the directors, recognized that due to unique character of Glenrosa and its potential, formed a committee for the Upper Glenrosa area. Currently Upper Glenrosa doesn’t have neighborhood plan and no specific plans to develop the area.

The residents would like to be part of the water distribution system of DWK. In order to enjoy the benefit of residential water supply to their homes, it is necessary that a neighborhood plan be developed, for inclusion in the Official Community Plan. As a result of the resident petition, the area plan is included in the strategic Priorities for 2014. This will be the first step in preparing for future development, if the residents in Upper Glenrosa support the initiative.

The role Glenrosa Residents Association will play is to help support the committee in an effort to have a neighborhood plan they can build on.

The Upper Glenrosa Committee directors for 2013 include;

  • Karen & Ken Hansen
  • Wendy & Tom Forsyth
  • Colin Leishman
  • David & Susan Shaw
  • Lorne & Darlene Martin

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