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Number one on the list of concerns for Glenrosa residents was the condition of Jackpine Road as the second exit out of the area in case of a wildfire emergency.

KELOWNA - Waiting six months to get mostly non-committal, general responses to a dozen concerns does not worry Graham O’Leary, interim pr...

Time meeting called to order: 6:03 pm

In Attendance: Graham O’Leary, Tracy Pappin, Carrie Taylor, Chad Garrecht, Steve Burke, Jason Friesen, Karen Hansen, Jill Glassford, Tasha Dasilva & Rosie Breault

Adoption of agenda – Tracy Pappin & Rosie Breault

Jason Friesen – appreciated how we pres...

Date: Jan 11, 2019 To: Mayor and Council From: Jim Zaffino, Chief Administrative Officer Re: Glenrosa Resident's Association Response

For the January 22, 2019 Council Meeting

city response to wish list.pdf