August 13, 2019 at 5:45pm at Tasha’s house

Board Member Attendance:

• Graham O’Leary- President • Brittany Travis- Secretary • Stacy O’Leary • Tasha Da Silva • Jill Glassford

The President calls the meeting to an order at 5:55 pm and was seconded by Tasha.

The secretary adopts the agenda, seconded by Tasha.

The Board adopts the July 8 Directors meeting minutes, seconded by Tasha.

Presidents Report Will follow up on Grant and roundabout (whose responsibility is it to clean it up and complete it?)

Treasurers Report- (Away, digital report given by Secretary) The current bank account balance is $1,386.88. The total members paid to date 77. Upcoming expenses are $53.15 for the website domain.

Secretary Report Discuss calls to unpaid members

Social Media Report The GRA now has an Instagram page! Google Analytics’ were discussed from the GRA website. Lots of new clicks to the website as well as able to see where they go to on the webpage. Other Directors Report The GRA Key Business Award 2019 luncheon will be attended by the Secretary, Treasurer and Tasha. Non-paying members need to be removed off the “members only FB page” – Treasurer to follow up with this. Push members only “wine and appetizer” event to Spring 2020.

New Business -Discount codes are still being discussed. Might be easiest to change members to a calendar year end to avoid any issues with discount codes etc. Halloween event

  • GRA booth? Drive around in a vehicle?
  • Hand out candy/hot chocolate and glowsticks
  • Purchase vehicle magnets off Vistaprint (motion VOTED AND APPROVED)
  • Purchase fridge magnets to hand out to parents (motion VOTED AND APPROVED)
  • Need to work on social media push – use a graphic?
  • Thoughts: Will Tim Hortons donate Hot Chocolate? Amazon order for Candy/glow sticks if we can’t get them from a local supplier?

Next Director’s meeting has been set for September 15 at 10:00am, location Presidents house

The meeting was adjourned at 7:09pm and seconded by the Secretary.

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