July 8, 2019 at 5:45pm at Chad’s house

Board Member Attendance:

• Graham O’Leary- President • Tracy Pappin- Treasurer • Brittany Travis- Secretary • Chad Garrecht- Vice President • Tasha Da Silva • Jill Glassford

The President calls the meeting to an order at 6:09pm and was seconded by Tasha.

The Treasurer adopts the agenda, seconded by Tasha.

The Board adopts the June 19 Directors meeting minutes, seconded by Tasha.

Presidents Report

Will follow up on Grant and roundabout (whose responsibility is it to clean it up and complete it?) Treasurers Report The current bank account balance is $1,467.75. The total members paid to date 79. Upcoming expenses are $70.65 owed to Treasurer for rental and BC registry and website domain (expected to cost approximately $54.00).

Secretary Report

Will work on getting a list together for Directors to call previous unpaid members to see if we can get them to become members again, will also provide a “cheat sheet” for what to say.

Other Directors Report

Discussion about BBQ • Next year’s event location change? Possibly move to Helen Gorman? • Charge a fee for Vendors? Minimal fee but could provide different levels of “sponsorships”. • Submit food requests for Superstore in the beginning on January. • Start planning BBQ in December- pick a date! • Invite City Parks and Recreation Department as they have older kid’s games. • Vendors attended during 2019 should get first right of refusal to attend next year.

New Business

Farmers Market- Brittany and Tracy attended. Directors spoke with multiple people, gained 4 new members and handed out most of the fire smart and secondary fire route maps. Recommendation to Board is to attend one or two events during the 2019 season, however need to decide which days will be the most popular.

Attend Westside Days with a booth- potentially host one large “community residents associations” with the other associations in West Kelowna?
Members only event- start planning event to be hosted at Off the Grid Winery, Directors are looking at September timeframe and will update the group on the Facebook chat when we have more concrete decisions.

Discount codes for members- approach the vendors from the BBQ to see if they would be willing to provide a discount code to GRA members. Tasha will work on a form to send to vendors and outside companies that we might be able to approach for a discount code. Things to think about: • How do members prove they are a member? Card? Email? • Members have all different membership due dates

Unpaid members will be called to see if they would like to become members again.

Next Director’s meeting has been set for August 13 at 5:45pm, location TBD

The meeting was adjourned at 7:20pm and seconded by the Secretary.

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