April 10, 2019 at 6pm at the Boys & Girls Club, West Kelowna

Board Member Attendance:

• Graham O’Leary- President • Steve Burke • Tasha Da Silva • Jill Glassford • Brittany Travis • Rosie Breault

The President (Graham O’Leary) calls the meeting to an order at 6:08pm and was seconded by Rosie Breault.

All Board Members present vote on Brittany Travis becoming the Secretary for the ensuing year due to time constraints from the current Secretary, vote is passed unanimous by the Board.

The Board adopts the agenda.

The Board adopts the March Directors meeting minutes.

Presidents Report

The President moves to have a Director meeting every second week until the June 23rd BBQ. BBQ Board Members discuss where each of them are with the elected sponsors/local companies for the BBQ. Trails development would like to donate, we are waiting on a confirmed amount. The local VR place would like to attend the BBQ in some type of capacity, we will follow up. Gormans Mill has generously donated the entire cost of the kid’s inflatable devices. Insurance for these items will be covered by the company supplying them.
Boyd Automotive has donated the use of their CarBBQ. Usually there is a fee for this however they have waved it. We will be required to clean and fill up the propane tanks once finished. We have been in contact with Save On Foods, they will be taking a look at their budgets and getting back to us whether they will be able to fully donate everything for the BBQ, partially donate some items, or allow us to get items at costs (with a potential of the vendors donating). This will be followed up in the coming weeks. Telemark Nordic Club would like to attend. Details TBD. Lake Surf would like to attend. Details TBD. The local Fire Department will attend the BBQ. They will either bring a truck, tent and a few fire fighters. Will let us know before event what they will be doing. Bat Boxes- Having difficulties trying to get a hold of the BC Bats programs of BC. There is a local company “Beep” that help with the Peachland branch of the bat box department. Two Directors will follow up with them and see if it’s feasible for this to be able to be offered at the BBQ. Potential for Directors to pre-build boxes and kids paint/assemble. Will review. A mega phone has been purchased by one of the Directors that can be used for the event. A second plan needs to be put in place!

  • Is the Boys and Girls club available for rent?
  • Are the inflatables able to be used inside?
  • Directors to discuss and figure out plan b. All sponsors need to be confirmed by May 1st in order for signage/marketing materials to be produced and disseminated. Grant The city grant is still being reviewed. We should have an update on April 24th. Meetings The President suggests inviting both a City Councillor as well as the Fire Chief to an upcoming Directors Meeting. Details are to be worked out.

Treasurers Report

The current bank account balance is $816.40. The total members to date are 93. Current memberships are due in April and an email will go out to all members to renew.

Other Directors Report

Tasha- The new website has been rolled out. A new logo is in the works and will be put on all new marketing material for the BBQ as well as on Facebook and Social Media. Tasha’s team is working on posters, social media graphic as well as links for the BBQ. Email is to be sent out to members about the new website as well as to pay the current membership.

Brittany- An idea to increase members is to offer discounts at local companies (ie/ Blendz, Home Hardware). This will be reviewed and looked at as a potential future perk as we need to find a way to provide members a card or an email to be able to show these local companies.

Steve- Provides an update on the Crystal Mountain Ski Hill. Ski Hill is still for sale, original owners are out of Switzerland and the managing company is out of Vancouver. Steve is working on suggesting that the asset and the plan be split up as the local community is not interested in seeing a resort style ski hill so close to town. Steve is working on this in a personal capacity but will notify the Directors if anything changes.

Next Director’s meeting has been set for April 24th. Time and location are to be determined at a later date.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:17 and seconded by the Secretary.

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