May 22, 2019 at 5:45pm at Glenrosa Middle School, West Kelowna

Board Member Attendance:

• Graham O’Leary- Presidet • Tracy Pappin- Treasurer • Brittany Travis- Secretary • Stacy O’Leary • Tasha Da Silva • Jill Glassford • Chad Garrecht • SteveBurke

The President calls the meeting to an order at 5:50pm and was seconded by Tasha.

The President adopts the agenda, seconded by Tasha.

The Board adopts the May 8 Directors meeting minutes, seconded by Tasha.

Presidents Report

City Council meeting The President presented to the council members and the other neighbourhood residents associations (Lakeview and Casa Loma), discussions and points brought up by the President were the top points brought forward from the members (road improvements, policing and fire midigation/second route out of Glenrosa). Contacts were made with the Presidents of the other associations and a meeting is to be planned between the groups to discuss what works for their associations and what can be improved on (to be set sometime in September). The City councils are discussing grants to be given to the residents associations to cover the cost of liability insurance. This will be followed up by the President and updated to the Board.

Treasurers Report

The current bank account balance is $1,401.38 (the increase came from the $500 donation from the Trails Development for the BBQ). The total members paid to date 57 with 36 still outstanding (these will be followed up after the BBQ).

Other Directors Report

Discussion about BBQ • Discussion regarding location of each item placed for the BBQ • 2$ minimum donation agreed to by all Board members. This will go towards the GRA accounts to allow us to be able to provide more events etc in the future. • Vendor list and discussion around it. • Marketing materials and vendor materials to be sent out via email and social media. To be completed in the next two weeks. Signs put up 2 weeks before the event. Directors will look at potentially getting a banner/pull up sign from Vistaprint once they go on sale. • Discussions on what to do with extra food leftover. Board has decided to donate it to the local foodbank, along with all the recycling and any other food/cash donation brought to the BBQ.

New Business

Still waiting on a contact back from the Westbank Farmers market- Brittany to follow up.

Next Director’s meeting has been set for June 5 at 5:45pm. Location is to be determined at a later date.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:45 and seconded by the Secretary.

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