April 24, 2019 at 6pm at the Boys & Girls Club, West Kelowna

Board Member Attendance:

• Graham O’Leary- Presidet • Tracy Pappin- Treasurer • Brittany Travis- Secretary • Stacy O’Leary • Tasha Da Silva • Jill Glassford • Chad Garrecht

The President calls the meeting to an order at 5:59pm and was seconded by the Secretary.

Introduction to the West Kelowna Fire Chief- Jason Brolund

Discussion with the Fire Chief regarding West Kelowna and Glenrosa

  • May 4th is the Family Fire Smart Day, the community is invited to the West Kelowna fire hall to learn a bit more about what they do, check out the machines and walk around the fire hall.

  • 70th anniversary of the West Kelowna (among other names) Fire Department

  • 4 stations in West Kelowna, annual budget of approximately ~$9 million • Station 31- four people paid full time, someone in station 24/7 “career fire station” • Station 32- four people paid full time, someone in station 24/7 “career fire station” • Station 33- 15 people paid on call • Station 34 (Glenrosa)- 15 people paid on call

  • Station 31 and 32 call time out the door is 90 seconds, whereas Stations 33 and 34’s call time is 5-8 minutes

  • Glenrosa station gets approximately 300 calls a year

  • 20 new firefighters will be coming on within the West Kelowna stations. These people are in training right now until December and will be dispensed through West Kelowna once they have completed training. Some of these people were students from Mt. Boucherie who participated in the Fire Academy during their 11 or 12 grad years.

  • All machines are in working order and maintained regularly however the buildings need to be updated (Glenrosa is the newest building and won’t require updating at this time, Lakeview Heights station will be the next one to receive upgrades).

  • Glenrosa Fire Hall 3 machines 4x4 truck Fire engine- getting replaced this year Water tender (carries large amounts of water to site- important to use for upper Glenrosa locations as water is not readily available)

  • Deployment “no call is too small” • Majority of calls are medical calls, 40% MVA, small fires or burning complaints • The “career fire engine” will always be a back up to the on call fire stations, they show up roughly at the same time. ♣ 4 firefighters are required on site • Will attend any call that threatens the West Kelowna City Boundary.

  • Fire Mitigation • Controlled burns going on right now (community wildfire protection plan of list of what areas are priorities). • $100K grant applied for from provincial Government, $50k grant applied for from city. These grant applications are doubled as the Westbank First Nations are also able to apply for them (The WKFD contracts to the Westbank First Nations). • Fire Chief is looking at ways to spend the $50k grants from the city in innovative ways to help with fire mitigation.

  • The Rose Valley weather station is now in place. We are able to get accurate weather for this area (previously we had to rely on Penticton’s weather station).

  • Evacuation Route • City puts out signs for emergency route against the provinces request. • Map of route will be passed out at the “Family Fire Smart Day” as well as the GRA BBQ.

Questions Posed by the GRA

1. What type of fire season are they anticipating this year?

a. Fire season is contingent on June weather, if we see a dry hot June we will likely have bad fires, if its wet and cooler we will see more of a “normal” year for fires. Since they are not anticipating floods this year they are able to prepare for fires better this year.

2. What are the enforcements for out of hand fires that are located on a private property?

a. Individuals are fined for out of control fires, there is a low to zero tolerance. West Kelowna is the only area that allows backyard fire pits and they would like to keep it that way, however everyone needs to follow the bylaws. Burning on property is aloud with prior approval from Fire Department and all bylaws must be followed.

3. Will the new reservoir help with firefighting in upper Glenrosa?

a. Yes, however it is important to note that once the new houses are all in they will require the use of that water as well. This new system is a “pumped water supply” meaning if the power goes out they will not have use of water. The water tender machine will always attend fires in upper Glenrosa.

Director’s meeting resumes

The Board adopts the agenda.

The Board adopts the April 10th Directors meeting minutes.

Presidents Report

Grant: The city grant is still being reviewed.

The City Council member will attend the next Directors meeting.

Treasurers Report

The current bank account balance is $794.04 (Book adjusted $822.07). The total members paid to date is 49 and 94 if everyone pays membership dues.
Taxes have been completed and being sent in. Paypal charges $0.59 per payment that comes in, we need to consider increasing the fees to be able to cover this more convenient way to pay.

Advertising/Marketing Report

New logo- team is working on it, will send out to Directors once completed. Monthly traffic on website- will get a Google Analytics site. Marketing material for BBQ is being worked on.

Other Directors Report

Discussion about BBQ • Will use Glenrosa Middle School as the new location for BBQ • The Trails Development has donated $500 towards BBQ, Telus is working out a way to be able to donate as well. Bat boxes- Peachland Bat House would like to participate in the BBQ- Steve to follow up.

Next Director’s meeting has been set for May 8. Time and location are to be determined at a later date.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:48 and seconded by the Secretary.

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