March 13, 2019 at 6pm at the Boys & Girls Club, West Kelowna

Board Member Attendance: • Graham O’Leary- President • Tracy Pappin- Treasurer • Chad Garrecht • Steve Burke • Carrie Taylor • Tasha Da Silva • Brittany Travis

The President (Graham O’Leary) calls the meeting to an order at 6:16pm and was seconded by the Treasurer (Tracy Pappin).

The Treasurer adopts the February Directors meeting minutes.

Presidents Report

Liability Insurance

Due to the increase in exposure the GRA has to the public, a discussion about whether the GRA should proceed with acquiring Directors & Officers Insurance has been brought up. The President spoke with Jim Zaffino during another meeting and discussed the potential of insurance; Jim suggested that the insurance be acquired and that it was a cost of doing business. Members do not need to be notified or vote on spending.

The Directors have three options.

  1. Pay for the insurance out of the account,
  2. Pay for a portion of the insurance out of the account, and the other portion comes directly from the Directors,
  3. Not move forward with the insurance.

Sources of additional funds include: • Raising membership fees. • City grants. o can only be used to community events or things that better the community o Receipts must be submitted to the city, and remaining funds must be returned to the city if not used. • Acquire more members. o Attend farmers markets? o Attend Music in the Park? • Charge a fee for the meal at the BBQ? Is this possible to do? Should we do it? Directors need to discuss further.

A decision on whether or not the GRA will move forward with acquiring insurance must be decided by March 20, 2019

BBQ Directors will proceed with seeing what is available through local sponsorships. Companies have been divided out among the Directors and must bring whether or not the Company is able to help with the BBQ to the next Directors meeting. These companies will be approached and offered to set up a table and/or tent with their company logo.

Companies discussed were:

• Save on Foods • Fire Departmnet • Police Department • Telemark Nordic Club • Blockwatch • Boys & Girls Club • City of West Kelowna • Boyd Autobody and Glass • Lions Club • Gormans Mill • Sysco • VR place in Glenrosa • Arctic Ice • Glenrosa Convenience Store • Trails Development

The main concerns are: food, drinks, washrooms and games.

Treasurers Report

The current bank account balance is $1,358.93. The total members to date are 89.

Current memberships are due in April and an email will go out to all members to renew.

Other Director Reports

The Glenrosa reservoir has budgeted $3.2 million, it will service the fire hydrants as well as the Trails development.

Next Director’s meeting has been set for April 10th, 2019. Time and location are to be determined at a later date.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:35pm and seconded by the Treasurer.

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