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Glenrosa Resident's Association

The Glenrosa Resident’s Association originally began as the Glenrosa Homeowner’s Association in 1976. The original object of the society was to promote and organize the interests, functions, and activities set out for the owners of residential dwellings. Fast forward to 1996 when the members of the organization went ahead and not only changed the name to the Glenrosa Resident’s Association, but also allowed ALL resident's of Glenrosa to be involved, and ensured incorporation as a society on April 8th, 1997.

The purpose is to represent an improvement to the livability, safety, and security of our neighbourhoods as part of a changing and growing City and District Municipality in partnership with Council and staff. The Association is a legally incorporated non-profit society of Glenrosa residents, formed to ensure that the quality of life in the Glenrosa area is maintained and enhanced. The Glenrosa community is the largest community in the City of West Kelowna, with approximately 6600 residents, over 3000 homes over a geographical area of 8 sq. kilometers. Glenrosa includes farmland, agricultural, rural, and urban settings. Become a member today to help keep the future a priority in the beautiful place we call home.

GRA is on the front lines of important community issues, advocating for positive changes that improve and enrich the quality of life for everyone who calls Glenrosa home. Our association's strength is made by our members; by joining, you are guaranteed direct input into our community plan.

  • Providing information to Glenrosa residents through the GRA website, social media presence and acting as a unified voice on issues affecting the community
  • Direct input into planning and traffic issues, advocacy for Housing Development and community expansion, as well as other issues affecting the Glenrosa community
  • Developing and enhancing community pride and spirit through hosting or volunteering at special events
  • Draw attention to problems in our home district, and influence by vote what issues are brought forward to city council

Become a member today; Fees are $10 / year, per household; funds collected are used to cover operating costs of the association and to improve the Glenrosa district.

We are currently looking for Blockwatch Captains and Co-Captains! Get involved and help us make our community safer...

What does Block Watch Provide?

  • Training for Captains & Co-Captains
  • General home security tips
  • Tips to prevent theft from or of motor vehicles, RV’s, etc.
  • Personal Safety tips
  • Block Watch window stickers
  • Block Watch street signs
  • How to properly recognize and report crime and suspicious activity to the police
  • In most incidents, a general reduction in crime
  • Continued Police partnership
  • A greater sense of safety among residents
  • Newsletters to keep you informed of current crime trends, home security, Block Watch events, and much, much more!

Follow the Glenrosa Area Blockwatch FaceBook Page here.
To Get Involved click here or read about the Block Watch society of British Columbia.

The Glenrosa Residents Association is operated by a talented board of directors from diverse backgrounds, serving the Glenrosa District:

Graham O'Leary
Vice President:
Chad Garrecht
Brittany Travis
Tracy Pappin
Marketing & Media:
Tasha Da Silva
General Directors:
  • Jill Glassford
  • Stacie O'Leary
  • Rosie Breault
Glenrosa Resident's Association

The GRA directors take pride in working closely with various Elected Officials; City Councillors and Administrative staff, as well as local law enforcement and fire department to bridge important topics, discuss solutions and ultimately improve the lives of our residents. Here is a list of current issues the GRA is advocating to improve:

  • Fire protection and Secondary Exit out of Glenrosa
  • Review of McIver and Glenrosa Intersection
  • Traffic Calming
  • Sidewalks
  • Road Maintenance
  • Police Resources
  • Water Supply In Glenrosa
  • Winter Snow Removal
  • Mosquito Control
  • Bylaw Enforcement
  • Bear Aware Garbage Bins
  • Streetlights

Do you have a topic that you would like the GRA to focus on? Become a member today and make a suggestion.

Become a Member

To start, simply make a donation of $10/year. You'll get full access to the benefits of being a member, and the GRA recieves your funding to continue improving and building the best community in the Okanagan.