GRA Announces New Board & Ambitious Membership Goal

GRA Announces New Board & Ambitious Membership Goal

Kelowna, BC - The Glenrosa Residents Association (GRA) is pleased to announce its new board of directors for 2023. 

The new board of directors comprises a group of dedicated volunteers dedicated to promoting and supporting the interests of the residents of the Glenrosa community.

The board will be led by Jared Franczak, who has been elected as the GRA's new president. Mr. Franczak brings natural leadership, ambition and passion for Glenrosa to the role. 

"I am honored to lead the GRA as we work to promote and enhance the quality of life for our residents," said Mr. Franczak. "Our new board of directors is committed to working collaboratively with our community partners to address the challenges facing our community." 

“We also have an ambitious membership goal of reaching 1500 members by the end of 2023.” 

Previously a paid membership base, the first order of business for the new Board was to eliminate the membership fee. “Although nominal, we collectively agreed it was going against our goal of attracting and retaining members, and managing it was ultimately taking away from our volunteers’ time, better spent working towards our community’s initiatives.”  

The GRA recently ran its first of many Membership Drives, and planning for the Association’s first event of 2023 are underway - involving a massive community garage sale in early June and barbecue to follow. The community’s multi-street garage sale was a huge success last year, and with new resources, it is sure to attract savvy-shoppers from all over Kelowna, once again.

The GRA's new board of directors are as follows:

Jared Franczak - President

Janice Liu - Treasurer

Marni Murray - Secretary

Carmen Harris - Director

Dustin Herbst - Vice President

Allison Franczak - Media Director

Dan Goy - Director

Lisa Goy - Director

Dorothy Thompson - Director

For more information about the Glenrosa Residents Association, and how to become a member, please visit the GRA website at