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GRA is on the front lines of important community issues, advocating for positive changes that improve and enrich the quality of life for everyone who calls Glenrosa home. Our association's strength is made by our members; by joining, you are guaranteed direct input into our community plan.

  • Providing information to Glenrosa residents through the GRA website, social media presence and acting as a unified voice on issues affecting the community
  • Direct input into planning and traffic issues, advocacy for Housing Development and community expansion, as well as other issues affecting the Glenrosa community
  • Developing and enhancing community pride and spirit through hosting or volunteering at special events
  • Draw attention to problems in our home district, and influence by vote what issues are brought forward to city council

Become a member today; Fees are $10 / year, per household; funds collected are used to cover operating costs of the association and to improve the Glenrosa district.